Symphony (2007)

Processing, Reactivision (Object Tracking)

Symphony _ A Visual Sound Installation

Music has been one of the instinctive amusements. Therefore, a music which doesn't require any difficult technique, can be a foundation for the creation of brand new sound. I designed 'Symphony' with color, melody and other simple interactive factors as a continuous project of 'Color Note', my previous work.

'Symphony' is a sound visualization created with Reactable Fiducial. If one place a fiducial object in a frame on a screen, colored circular outline appears around the medium and automatically begins to move around the frame with making certain sounds according to the direction.

The motif of the circular form is a sound wave. The circle is made of three different layers and each layer gets its own color and sound everytime the circle hits the frame. Eventually, the mixture of the diverse movements of the circle and the sound it makes, creates one big symphony in harmony.

Symphony(2007)_An Individual Work

by Yoon Chung Han

Programming Collaborator : Byeong-jun Han (My brother)