Interactive Hats (2007)

Processing, Reactivision (Object Tracking), Camcorder

Interactive Hats_ A Visual Sound Performance

Dance and Music are the most significant factors in a party. If one can detect human's dancing or movement during party time, it will be a eat performance since it can create new form of visualizations and auditory results.

"Interactive Hats" detects participants' movements by using hats and shows visual performances on the bottom of screen. Also, hats change sound's pitch through people's movements. If many hats mix each other, different sounds are also mixed.

There are Reactable Fiducial Objects on the top of hats and camera detects this mark in order to send data and play sound. This work is a part of "Nabi P.art.y 2007". It made people dance taking hats and enjoy magical atmosphere.

Interactive Hats (2007)_Group Work

by Yoon Chung Han

Collaborator : Jinuk Baik, Hee dae Cho, Wooyoung Shim