Lines (2006)

Processing workshop in SNU

Lines _ Processing Line Sketches (SNU 2006)

These works are created by computer processing. I designed diverse shapes made of millions of delicate lines. I believe that line drawing is the basis for all sketches.
In this work, I focused on the accuracy of various forms made by a computer that cannot be drawn by human hand. As you can see below, lines combine to shape various forms.

Processing sketches exhibition_A study on algorithmic images by using Processsing

Date : MAY.1~MAY.10, 2007

Open : 9am~6pm

Opening Reception : MAY.1

In-gi Kim, Sang-ho Na, Sung-mo Ahn, Haemin Kim, Yoon Chung Han, Ji-pyo Hong, Youngyi Ham, In-kyung Jang

Hosted by Woo-suk hall, SNU

Lines(2006)_An Individual Work & Thesis Work

by Yoon Chung Han

Supporter : Prof. Suzung Kim

Processing Exhibition with students of moving design lab, SNU