Sound Marbles (2006)

Processing, Wiring, CDS Sensors, Pine

Sound Marbles _ A Tangible Interactive Sound Work

In this work, marbles are used as a metaphor for Sound Sequencing. Sounds vibrations of different frequencies are released by the marbles. When different frequencies of sounds are combined at different times, the marbles can create a new complex sounds or new sound compositions. Wooden housing is used to obtain the feeling of an analog instrument.

There are 8 holes on the board, each representing a different note. When a marble is placed over a hole, it releases a sound within a melody sequence. Sound Marbles are very intuitive, allowing for the performer to easily study new ways of creating and interacting with sound.

Sound Marbles에서 구슬은 음조합을 위한 매개체로 이용된다. 구슬을 손으로 옮겨 8개의 구멍 위에 올려놓음에 따라 음이 변하고 그 음의 조합은 시간차를 통해 변화된다. 사운드 마블은 새로운 형태의 악기의 기본 형태를 제안함과 동시에 새로운 사운드 인터렉션 방법의 가능성을 보여준다.


Sound Marbles are produced through the Processing language and Hernando Barragan's "Wiring"i/o board. Each hole in the wooden housing is equipped with a CDS sensor which triggers a sound when the amount of light changes.

2 day exhibition of Media art and Design from Seoul National University.

Date : FEB.14~FEB.15, 2007
Open : 10am~5pm
Opening Reception : FEB.14, 6~8pm
Suzung Kim, Jaegon Lee, Kyounghun Lim, Yoonjung Han, Sungjoo Park
Hosted by department of Design | MediaArts of UCLA, Moving Images | Multi-media Lab of Seoul National University

UCLA Design | Media Arts
240 Charles E. Young Drive, suite 2275 Box 951456 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1456


Moving Images | Multi-media Lab of Seoul National University

HCI 2007 Creative Award

Date : FEB.5~FEB.7, 2007
Open : 9am~6pm
Topaz room Ⅱ,Ⅲ, convention center 3rd floor, Phoenix Park

HCI2007 Over the Rainbow

Sound Marbles(2006)_An Individual Work

by Yoon Chung Han

Supporter : Prof. Suzung,Kim

Special thanks to Daddy, Byeong-jun Han, Baby H