A Tree (2008)

Processing, Camera Tracking

A Tree_ An Interactive Installation

Shadow always follows us. All of objects in the earth have their own shadow. Shadow is a kind of illusion that is made from light. Without light, shadow cannot be existed. Shadow shows the relationship between light and object, and reality and virtuality. However, what if we can control shadow by ourselves? I was curious that we can change and control shadow of object with a simple interaction.

In this work, we can control a tree's shadow, espectially shadow's direction. When a person move around this white ball (a globe), shadow will chase the person in the opposite side of the person. So, we can be a light or sun. I set up camera on the ceiling and it detects the human's movement, especically darkest color in the screen of the camera.

A Tree (2008) _ Movie Documentation

A Tree (2008) _ Possible Situation (Installation Ver.2)

A Tree (2008)_An Interactive Installation

by Yoon Chung Han

Supporter : Prof. Christian Moeller