The Future is Red

Project Description

“The Future is Red” is a data art installation that provides an interactive audiovisual experience to reveal the reality of climate change to audiences. Audiences can participate in this interactive art that presents two regions' wildfire data in visual and audio forms. As a California-based artist, I have been observing and directly experiencing the wildfires and related issues. I was also born and raised in South Korea and wanted to compare the severe wildfire data of South Korea and the ones of California and observe the similarity and differences between the two regions through the data. The audience members can learn about the wildfire and related damages in detail by observing 3D printed sculptures made of recycled filaments. Red-colored prints represent the wildfires and black-colored prints attached at the bottom represent the air quality of two regions. Viewers can observe a correlation between two data and the causes and effects of wildfire. The project is a part of the data art series that I have been developing since 2017. It anticipates fundamental changes and actions from the audience.

Year: 2021
Type: Interactive art, Data-driven design
Tools:D3.js, 3D printing

Concept Design, Visual Development, User Experience Design: Yoon Chung Han
Website design, Project Assistant: Noopur Mehta, Ryan Cottone, Mehdi Heydari

Upcoming/Current Exhibitions
Apr 30-May 5 2022, ACM CHI 2022 Interactivity at the New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans, LA, USA

Jan, 2022, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Online Exhibition "The Earth, Our Home: Art, Technology, and Critical Action"

Previous Exhibitions
Sep 17-Dec 12, 2021, "Nothing Makes Itself", ART+TECH Festival, Arko Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

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