Sound Tree Rings
Sound Tree Rings is a iOS application and print/lasercut artwork service. Users can download this app, record their own sound, and capture their short moment of sound experience. Finally the sound result can be saved and print out on papers or woods.
This is very first idea that connected the relationship between sound and tree ring memomry in both artist and public ways, which makes this project as a leading and innovative project. Sound Tree Rings is very new type of interactive artwork and service, and everyone can make and share their own sound stories with this app.

This project first started from a personal artwork of a media/sound artist, Yoon Chung Han. She liked to capture and record ambient sound, and curious about the sonic moments and time memory on sound domain.
When she was in New York in 2011, this idea was come up suddenly, and she made her first piece of her sound tree ring project. And after that, she had several exhibitions with her sound tree rings pieces, and met a collaborator, Nuribom in Korea in 2012. They started working on this project, and their results have been opened up slowly.
At the end of April 2013, finally their first version of Sound Tree Rings iOS application will be launched. And the printing service and lasercut service will be starting this Summer 2013.

Year: 2013
Type: iOS Mobile App Design

Design: Yoon Chung Han
Technical Development: Nuribom
Web Development: Byeong-jun Han

Sound Tree Rings Official Website

iPad Application Prototype

Final iPhone and iPad Application Design

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