Color Note
Color note (Ver.2) supplemented previous work, Color note's weeknesses like simplicity, algorithm of harmonics and variety of visual design. In the previous work, there were simple color pixels as traces of human's movement on the screen, however, this newly version have various forms of circles, squares as well as altered simple pixels. Also, motion that creates during playing time became different from before like rotating or folding. 8 notes of previous work changed to 13 notes included semitones from lower do to higher do.

Combination of random harmonics made by human's movement can rearrange through HD(Harmonic Defragmentation) algorithm. Some disconsonants chords automatically reorder to consonant chords like chord 5,8 in order to make sound familiar and comfortable for every people.

Year: 2008
Type: Interactive AudioVisual Interface Design


Design and Development: Yoon Chung Han

Exhibition History:
Creative Award, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Conference 2008 in South Korea

Color Note version.1
Color Note

Color Note version.2

Fig.1. Jellyfish Musical Instrument (2008) _ Output & Sensor Structure
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