Picircle is a new image viewer interface design. Until today, the process of sharing images from a digital camera in public spaces was a cumbersome task. I would like to make this process much more simple to deliver images to viewers easier and faster, through Picircle. As soon as you put a memory stick of digital camera into a slot, you can see pictures arrayed in a circle form on a monitor. By using the Powermate, you can rotate the circle of pictures and control each image by making it larger or smaller. Picircle can be used as a viewer for photos in public spaces such as coffee shops or conference halls.

Year: 2008
Type: Image Viewer Interface Design

Tools:Flash Actionscript

Design and Development: Yoon Chung Han
Supporter: Prof. Suzung Kim

Exhibition History:
Creative Award, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Conference 2006 in South Korea

Pieces of You

Work 1. Picircle. (Use your space bar & key "left,right,up,down")

Powermate is created by Griffin technology.Powermate is very easy to use because it only has two functions to click and rotate.You can control the function of Powermate by changing the code of program downloaded from the web site.www.griffintechnology.com

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