Jellyfish is an interactive sound installation. It’s an extended version of my previous work “Sound Marbles”, which can create the composition of sounds by simple interaction. Jellyfish uses the simplest way of interacting with objects to create sounds; it’s touching and covering holes by hands and that way of creating sounds was inspired by musical instruments. In order to make people enjoy musical performance and generating sounds, I apply the jellyfish shape for the output of this work, and sounds also remind one of deep-sea sound waves. Combination of musical instrument and sea organism can give inspiration and imagination to people that makes it enjoyable and fascinated.

There are 48 holes on the surface of hemisphere, and each of holes represents a musical note. 48 musical notes are composed of 4 octaves, and all of sounds are recorded ones by MIDI. By covering the holes with hands, people can create the sound composition easily. 48 photo resistor sensors and LEDs are under the surface of it and it detects the distance between hands and sensors. All of sensors are connected to Arduino board, and processing program manages their data signals.

Year: 2008
Type: Interactive Musical Instrument Design

Tools:Processing, Arduino, Photo Resistor Sensors(QRB1114)

Design and Development: Yoon Chung Han

Exhibition History:
4th Take Away Festival of DIY Media 2009, London, UK
Videotage "One":Yoon Chung Han's works with Erick Oh's animation, Hong KONG
"The Fragments of Sound" 1st Solo Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea
"Five" : Korean Young Artists, Los Angeles, USA

This work is the result of the Next Generation Design Leaders Programme which is supported by Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Republic and Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

Fig.1. Jellyfish Musical Instrument (2008) _ Output & Sensor Structure

Fig.2. Jellyfish Concept Sketch

Fig.3. Process 1 _ Photo Registor(QRB1114) Test with Arduino

Fig.4 Process 2 _ Making Structures (inside of hemisphere) and Output

4th Take Away Festival of DIY Media, London, UK

"Five" : Young Korean Artists, Los Angeles, CA

Videotage "One" , Hong Kong

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