Sound Marbles
In this work, marbles are used as a metaphor for Sound Sequencing. Sounds vibrations of different frequencies are released by the marbles. When different frequencies of sounds are combined at different times, the marbles can create a new complex sounds or new sound compositions. Wooden housing is used to obtain the feeling of an analog instrument.

There are 8 holes on the board, each representing a different note. When a marble is placed over a hole, it releases a sound within a melody sequence. Sound Marbles are very intuitive, allowing for the performer to easily study new ways of creating and interacting with sound.

Year: 2008
Type: Musical Interface Design, Interactive AudioVisual Interface Design

Tools:Processing, Wiring board

Design and Development: Yoon Chung Han
Supporter : Prof. Suzung Kim

Exhibition History:
Creative Award, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Conference 2007 in South Korea

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