Causes and Effects
Causes and Effects visualizes California sea lion unusual mortality events (UME) to create a new layer of understanding of the situation as an important environmental issue. It examines the causes of and impacts on sea lion UME by controlling multivariate factors that impact sea lions’ health and stranding. Previous visualizations for sea lion mortality only captured temporal data and the relationship between causes and effects using simple graphs. However, sea lion UME results from multiple causes and it requires multivariate visualization to establish clear solutions for future results. The resulting images of our visualization are not only visually appealing but also allow users to explore how environmental factors impact the lives and situations of sea lions. The visualization using connected circles addresses important issues related the nature’s never-ending cycles and infinite continuations in many aspects.


Yoon Chung Han, Praful Surve, Subin Kim, and Josh Cuellar. Visualizing Causes and Effects of California Sea Lion Unusual Mortality Event (UME), IEEE VIS 2017 Arts Program, 2017.

Year: 2017
Type: Interactive Data Visualization

Tools: D3.js, MaxMSP, Custom Software interface and wooden structure

Principal Investigator (Concept Design and Visual Development): Yoon Chung Han
Student Assistants: Praful Surve, Subin Kim, Josh Cuellar, Danielle Gee, Miguel Maya

Exhibition History
IEEE VIS 2017 Arts Program - Demo Session, Phoenix, AZ USA 2017
Long Beach PUMP 2017

Project Website (click to visit)

IEEE VISAP 2017 Arts Demo Session (Phoenix, AZ USA)

PUMP 2017 Arts Exhibition (Long Beach, CA USA)

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