Pattern Formation
These works were the results that I created in MAT 200C class focused on mechanisms of pattern formation. Many complex visual patterns can be generated from surprisingly small amounts of code (less than 100 lines), or from simple sets of equations. Some examples include the ubiquitous patterns of the Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals, reaction-diffusion systems, and Conway's Game of Life. I examined a wide variety of these pattern generation techniques. I implemented these techniques in the class, and experimented and generated novel patterns.

Year: 2013
Type:Pattern Formation studies

Tools: Allocore (C++)

Design and Implementation: Yoon Chung Han
Advisor: Prof. Theodore Kim

Cloud Bridge
Interactive Data Visualization and
SPL Data Visualization
Seattle Musicians
SPL Data Visualization
North + South Korea
SPL Data Visualization
2D Spatial Map
SPL Data Visualization, M259 Class Lab exercise
Microsoft vs. Apple
Infographic, SPL Data Visualization
Pattern Formation
Algorithimc Pattern Creation Practice
Sound Tree Rings
Sound Visualization