Roads in You

Project Description

Roads in You (previously named as Roads of your veins) is an interactive biometric-data artwork that allows participants to scan their veins and find the roads that match their vein lines. The vein data as one of the fascinating forms of biometric data contain uniquely complicated lines that resemble the roads and paths surrounding us. The roads resemble how our vein lines are interconnected and how the blood circulates in our bodies in various directions, at various speeds, and in different conditions. This new artwork explores the line segmentation and the structure of veins and compares them to roads in the real world. The participants can also export the data and keep them as a personalized souvenir (3d printed sculptures) as part of the artistic experience. Through this project, users can explore the correlation between individuals and environments using the hidden patterns under the skin and the vein recognition techniques, image processing and artificial intelligence. This project also has the potential to lead the way in the interpretation of complicated datasets while providing aesthetically beautiful and mesmerizing visualizations.

Year: 2020
Type: Interactive art, Data-driven design
Tools: OpenCV, Python, Mapbox, 3D printing

Concept Design, Visual Development, User Experience Design: Yoon Chung Han
Website design, Project Assistant: Nhat Nguyen, Anusha, Ryan Cottone, Nam Jun Jo

Previous Exhibitions
June 17-26, 2022, Currents New Media 2022 at Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Oct 24-29, 2021, IEEE VISAP 2021, Online Conference and Installation

June 15-18, 2021, NIME 2021 Installation, Online Conference and Installation, NYU Shanghai

February 14-17, 2021, TEI 2021 Art and Performance, Online Conference

December 4-13, 2020, ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Asia Art Gallery, Online Conference and exhibition

April 25-30, 2020, ACM CHI 2020 at the Honolulu Convention Center, Hawaii USA

Currents New Media Festival 2022, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, June 17-26 2022

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