'One' tries to immerse the viewer in fantasy through animation. The audience is presented with a small dish that contains a little spilled ink - what happens inside and around this drop of pigment?

If you look close enough, you can see that the ink is listening! The viewer assumes the role of a god; tapping, prodding, covering, blowing on and speaking to the ink induces complex and intricate responses. The microcosm that evolves from doodling both reflects and subverts the natural systems in which we live. The shapes that emerge are similar to shapes in plants, animals, and bacteria, but they avoid representation-they contest the work of biologists like Antonie van LeeuwenHoek and Ernst Haeckel This art installation tries to communicate the way we struggle with the natural world, trying to imagine something better and eventually conceding to failure. Our fate is a cause and effect of today's design environment. We create within in a vast network of programmers, researchers, theorists and artists who craft tools as indispensable structures for production. Working with graphics and rendering technologies provides immediate access to a communally developed visual language and encourages us to act as members of this community. What role does Adobe After Effects or Maya play in the human's ecosystem?

Year: 2009
Type:Interactive Biological art Installation/interactive art installation

Tools: Processing, Unity, Arduino

Concept Design, Interface Design, Physical Computing Design: Yoon Chung Han

Concept Design, 3D Animation, Programming: Gautam Rangan
Concept art, 2D Amination: Erick Oh
Techinical Advisor: Mubbasir Kapadia

Exhibition History
Siggraph 2009 Art Gallery, New Orleans, USA
Videotage "One":Yoon Chung Han's works with Erick Oh's animation, Hong KONG
"The Fragments of Sound" 1st Solo Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea
Collider: Interactivity and New Media, Akron, USA
"AFK" UCLA Design | Media arts 2nd Grad Exhibition, UCLA Broad art center, USA
"Are We Human?" Inspace, The University of Edinburgh, UK
13th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan
INDAF 2010, Incheon, Korea

Siggraph 2009 Art Gallery View

Hong Kong Videotage Exhibition View

Collider: Interactivity and New Media Exhibition View

"AFK" UCLA Design | Media arts 2nd Grad Exhibition View
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