Mirror Mirror
"Mirror, Mirror" is an interactive sound installation/performance. This work explores the fragmentation of multiple identities by using the rotation of mirrors and the reflection of human voice sounds. Mirrors are used as representations of the humans’ multiple masks. Mirrors slowly rotate and follow people(performer)'s movement by using a camera tracking system. A performer communicates with reflecting images in mirrors and creating vibration of sound. A reflection of the human figures and resonating voices comes out from speakers behind mirrors. This represents the complexity of peoples’ complicated identities and de-oriented communication within a society.

Year: 2010
Type: Interactive Sound Installation & Performance

Tools: Processing, Arduino

Concept, Sound Design, Visual Art: Yoon Chung Han

Choreography and Performance: Melanie Portney
Technical Adviser: Byeong-jun Han
Thesis Committees: Casey Reas (Chair), Erkki Huhtamo, Christian Moeller, Paul Yarin, Andrea Polli

Exhibition History

Photo by Antal Rurl
Documentation help by Casper Schipper and Mattia Casalegno.

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